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About Us


Ethiopian Arabica Coffee

Coming to Australia from the world’s oldest coffee drinking nation, it is our pleasure to introduce to Australia coffee beans from the the famous Great Rift Valleys and mountainsides of Ethiopia, the ‘origin of all origins’.

We source some of the finest coffee the world has to offer, such as Yirgacheffe, Sidamo and Harrar coffee beans. We believe these unique coffees need to be available and should be affordable to all consumers. Though Ethiopia is home to large quantities of coffee (both sun-dried natural and fully washed coffee beans) sadly the profit often neither goes to the country nor to the producer but to the distributors and middlemen in the marketing sector.

Because of the very high retail price of Ethiopian coffee on the international market, most coffee retailers only use Arabica coffee beans from other countries. To narrow down this gap and contribute our share to overcome this problem and sustain the industry, we’ve committed ourselves to buying coffee produced fairly with fair returns to the coffee farmers and to selling our coffee beans directly to consumers and retailers for an affordable price.

We strongly believe that the lives of more than 15 million people who are directly or indirectly involved in the Ethiopian Coffee industry should not be controlled by the middlemen in the marketing sector. As a company it is our desire to see in every Australian city the possibility of access to getting a cup of top-quality coffee at a fair price.

Addis Coffee