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Light Roast Coffee - Addis Coffee – Arabica coffee beans from its motherland

Light Roast Coffee

Light Roast Coffee, Its Makeup, and Main Characteristics

Coffee is a drink made from roasting coffee beans. It has various tastes and can also be served in different ways. The taste of coffee changes due to chemical reactions that take place because of high temperature. This roasting process also affects the caffeine contents of the coffee beans. This caffeine content is very useful for Human health and is one of the greatest reasons of its diverse use. Coffee had its origin from Ethiopia and in the 15th century, it reached Yemen and other Arabian countries. The two most common forms of coffee are Arabica and Robusta. Almost 70% of the world’s population uses Arabica because of its greater taste and aroma.

Making Light Roast Coffee

The process of making coffee of all kinds is the same. Coffee beans are heated to a certain temperature which changes its form and chemical composition. Light roast coffee is the first form of coffee which is light brown in color and retains most of the original coffee characteristics and taste.

The process of roasting the coffee is not as easy as is considered. It needs years of experience to become an expert roaster. The selection of beans and duration of roasting affect the taste and color of coffee. A delay of seconds in the roasting process can ruin the whole beans and their taste. Similarly, a little more time taken in this process can change light roast coffee into either medium roast or dark roast. Therefore, it is advisory to hire an experienced roaster to prepare the different kinds of roasted coffee. There are certain companies that have quite experienced roasters and their coffee is unique in taste and aroma.


Light roasted coffee has its particular characteristics which distinguish it from other forms of coffee. Following are its main characteristics.

  • It is usually light brown in color.
  • There is no oil content seen on its surface because these beans are not too heated to break their outer shells.
  • It has more caffeine than medium roasted or dark roasted coffee.
  • Light roasted coffee is rich in acidity and is also brighter than all other forms.
  • This form of coffee maintains much of the original taste and flavor.
  • The flavor of this coffee form is greatly affected by climate, soil, and many other factors particular to that area where it is grown.
  • The beans in light roasted coffee are denser than medium and dark roasts.
  • It also gives a good taste by adding additives like sugar and milk.

Most people across the world like their coffee either to be light roast or medium roast. The selection also changes due to additives because some like to drink it by adding sugar and making it sweet. Others like to drink it by mixing milk in it. Still, there are many who want to drink only light roast coffee to enjoy its original taste and aroma. The selection between different forms of coffee also changes with location. People in America and Europe prefer to take medium roast.

To sum up, we can say that drinking coffee is good for health, research shows that caffeine blocks an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain which leads to a stimulant effect. This improves energy levels, mood and various aspects of brain functions.

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