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Dark Roast Coffee

Dark Roast Coffee and its Benefits for Stomach

Coffee is one of the most favorite drinks all over the world due to its greater taste and aroma. There are different types of coffee and each type is particular to some specific area. Coffee is prepared from coffee beans which are also a little different in taste because of their cultivation on different kinds of land. The environment and kind of soil affect the taste of beans. These coffee beans are passed through some heating process which changes there shape, color, and chemical composition also. The color changes from light brown to medium brown and dark brown. The size of the beans also changes as a result of heating as the heating cracks the beans and extract oil contents. The size of beans changes almost 25-30%.

Dark Roast Coffee

It is one of the most widely used forms of coffee. Dark roast is made by applying some extra heat to medium roast coffee. It is usually dark brown in color and very close to dark. Its taste and aroma are greater than all other forms of coffee. It has close resemblance with chocolate and is mostly used in European countries.


Like all other coffees, dark roast coffee has its own particular characteristics. Following are some main characteristics:

  • It is extremely dark brown in color and approaches to black color.
  • The outer surface of beans is fully shining with oil contents extracted due to the heating process.
  • It does not retain any original quality of the coffee.
  • The dark roast coffee has less acidity than all the other forms of coffee.
  • The taste of dark roast coffee may be bitter, smoky, or even burnt.
  • It has considerably lowest amount of caffeine.
  • The taste and aroma of dark roast are always greater than other roasts and is usually used during daytime.
  • The beans in dark roast are extremely lightweight due to evaporation of almost all or most of the liquid content inside them.

Usefulness for Stomach

Coffee is normally used all across the world due to its innumerable health benefits. People of different regions use it for different health benefits. Recent researches have proved its usefulness for the stomach. Especially, dark roast coffee has been tested for its positive effects on the stomach and gastrointestinal distress overall digestion process. Experts are of the opinion that as the coffee beans are heated during the roasting process, the acidity in these beans decreases and reaches a minimum level at the dark roast level. The research has proved that dark roast coffee has 30g of NMP which acts on the walls of the stomach and tends it to secret less acid. Similarly, the caffeine content in the coffee beans also decreases with more heating and this decreased caffeine level in dark roast also tends to decrease the acidity of the stomach. Science proves that a stomach with less acidity is good at digestion than a stomach with high acidity.

In conclusion, we can say that dark roast coffee is ‘stomach friendly’ and is, therefore, widely used the form of coffee with those people who suffer from acid reflux or stomach irritation. Moreover, the chocolaty taste and greater aroma make it a most liked drink.


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