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Medium Roast Coffee - Addis Coffee – Arabica coffee beans from its motherland

Medium Roast Coffee

Medium Roast Coffee and its Characteristics

Since their arrival on the Earth, Humans have been paying attention to their eating, drinking, and clothing. All these habits have changed a lot with the passage of time. One of these habits which have changed dramatically is the eating and drinking habit. In order to maintain their bodily health, Human beings have invented different kinds of foods and drinks. Coffee is also one of those drinks that are beneficial for Human Beings. Coffee is prepared from naturally growing coffee tree beans. In different parts of the globe, different tastes and flavors of coffee are liked.

Coffee beans are naturally without any aroma and taste. To make these tasteful, these beans are often roasted using different levels of heating. Medium roast coffee is the coffee which is great in taste and aroma. It is the level of roast between light roasted and dark roasted. It is usually sweet in taste than both the other roasts. It has a little oil extraction on the outside coating and very rich in aroma. It is usually called American roast because it is mostly liked in America and Canada.

In medium roasting, there are three different level of roasting: medium light, medium, and medium dark. Each level has its own flavor. These flavors can be determined by manipulation of time and temperature.

How to Make Medium Roast

Coffee making is all the process of heating. When we apply heat to coffee beans, these beans gradually change color to yellowish, light brown, medium brown, and black or dark brown. This color change is actually due to chemical reactions between protein, carbohydrates, and water contents. Medium brown coffee is the coffee which is sweet in taste because of conversion of starch into sugar. It is usually made between temperatures of 210 to 220-degree centigrade. Its aroma and taste are better than all other coffee forms.


There are some particular characteristics which help us to categorize the coffee. It is the temperature and the duration of heating that affects the characteristics of the coffee. Following are the main characteristics of medium brown coffee.

  • The first main characteristic of medium roast coffee is that it is sweeter than light roast.
  • Its flavor is spicier and there is no taste of grains in it.
  • The caffeine content in this coffee is lower than light roast and greater than dark roast and this is why it is most liked form.
  • Medium roast has balanced acidity and aroma than light roast and, therefore, are most liked.
  • It is also liked by many people because it retains some taste and qualities of original coffee.
  • There is a bit caramelization in medium roast coffee and this is not burnt or chocolaty.
  • This coffee, when mixed with lemon and jasmine, produces great taste.

Coffee is extremely beneficial for our health and is, therefore, widely used all across the world. It boosts the immune system in the body and burns the cancer cells. Some people also drink it for weight loss purpose because it has low calories and high filling affect.

In conclusion, we can easily say that medium roasted coffee is the best of all roasted forms because of its unique characteristics and health benefits.

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