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Best Green Coffee Beans - Addis Coffee – Arabica coffee beans from its motherland

Best Green Coffee Beans

Things to Keep in Mind before Selecting Best Green Coffee Beans

Coffee is usually found in two forms the coffee beans and ground coffee. People like to drink various forms of coffee according to their tastes. This trend in drinking different forms of coffee also changes from place to place. Both coffee beans and ground coffee has their own pros and cons. The selection of right kind of coffee is one of the most important and difficult decisions to be made. A pedestrian coffee drinker can never select between the coffee forms. However, a regular drinker is well able to trace the differences between the tastes of different forms of coffee. The origin of both the coffee beans and roasted coffee are actually the same. Therefore, there are some factors to consider before the selection of coffee beans.

1-Taste and Aroma

The very first thing to be kept in mind, while the selection of best green coffee beans, is their taste and aroma. It usually changes with the change in growing place. There are two kinds of coffee beans which are normally used all across the world. These are the Arabica and the Robusta. Both these are cultivated in different kinds of land; therefore, their taste is also different. Some coffees feel bitter and heavy while others are light to the body. A good coffee should always be light to the body. Moreover, the variance of caffeine and acidity also affects their taste and aroma. Robusta is usually heavy and bitter in taste while Arabica is mild and sweet in taste.

2-Growing Region and Variety

The next important factor affecting the decision of buying the coffee beans is the area where these beans are grown. The variety of coffee beans is also very important. Different varieties usually grow in different areas. For example, Robusta coffee beans grow at low land while Arabica coffee beans usually grow at a height of 3000 meters. This growing of coffee at different lands changes their taste also. Arabica is the coffee which is widely used in the globe due to its mild and sweet taste. These coffee beans are further named after the area of their growth. This divides these to further kinds of Brazilian coffee, Kenyan Coffee, Ethiopian Coffee, Indonesian Coffee and many others.

3-Growing and Handling

Another very important factor to consider is the coffee growing and handling. Always select the coffee beans carefully grown and handled. These will have great taste. After the harvesting, these are graded separately and it is up to you to select the best form.


The freshness of the coffee beans is another important thing to consider. Coffee beans are quite stable before roasting due to their hard outer shell which does not allow the oil and water contents to evaporate. Therefore, before selection take into consideration the duration of their being stored.

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